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About Us

For businesses:
GetintheLoop is a proven app that's a better way to promote real-time offers to help businesses attract and retain customers. At a fraction (really!) of traditional promo like print, radio, or social media ads - GITL is the easiest way to market to Whistler's locals and travelers alike using our mobile platform.

Our members have opted in to receive offers and experiences from businesses like yours. You keep 100% of the revenue and you have full control of your messaging, images, and brand.

We have developed a turn-key solution for businesses of all sizes to easily market their offers, grow foot traffic and collect deep consumer insights to make intelligent business decisions in the future, while allowing them to attract new customers and obtain immediate in-depth data on consumer behaviour and the purchase cycle.

The platform itself is built to be self-serve but you will have the full support of a marketing specialist who will make sure you always see value with GetintheLoop.

For consumers:

GetintheLoop helps consumers access great experiences and offers from businesses in Whistler and beyond. Consumers opt-in to view what is available around them then redeem immediately in-store, online, or by phone and never have to pay in advance again.