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Fathom Stone Art

Fathom Stone Art



About Us

Fathom Stone Art produces and showcases the grandest and best fine stone art, lighting, and jewelry collection in Canada. It all starts with the raw natural rare colored stone mined deep in the mountains, then transforming by hand sculpting into beautiful designs with elegant and impeccable precision. Each stone type varies in hardness, vibrancy, and pattern, displaying the unique beauty in every piece of marble, BC jade, gemstone, quartz, alabaster, soapstone, and more.

Video Media


Life Size Polar Bear #1
Life Size Polar Bear #2
Life Size Polar Bear #3
Modern Collection - Blue Note
Life Size Polar Bear #4
Life Size Polar Bear #5
Alabaster Lighting Collection - Half Moon Lights
Alabaster Lighting Collection - Pendant Lights
Alabaster Lighting Collection - C Light
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