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We empower people to live their fullest, most prosperous life in Canada.

For individuals and families, we’ll work with you to develop the best possible immigration strategy for your unique situation and support you in achieving the vision you have for your life, family, career, or business in Canada.

For Canadian businesses and organizations, we’ll help you leverage the global workforce to retain the top talent you need to remain competitive and fulfill your business goals and objectives.

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Brooke Finlay, Lead Visionary Officer, Innovator and Strategist
Catilin Thomas, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Barbara Kolvekova, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Lateefat Fashugba, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Petra Jichova, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Samarth Kaul, Immigration Consultant Assistant
Diana Caputo, Senior Business Analyst
Marie Malkrabova, Marketing Coordinator
Jane Lee, Administrative Officer