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About Us

Our programs are designed to support every child and family with the highest quality of Childcare. We are committed to providing multicultural and inclusive early learning programs for children 6 months to 5 years of age. We will provide a nurturing environment that is respectful of each individual child’s needs.

Our programs provide stimulating, educational, play-based curriculum to guide each child’s learning and development. Our curriculum is designed with structure and routine but allows for flexibility and spontaneous activities based on each child’s interests. Play is an integral part of children’s learning and we believe learning happens through positive relationships and exploration experiences. Our programs are planned and facilitated by our highly qualified educators.

Through our supportive environment, we encourage positive social interactions while the children develop age appropriate problem-solving skills. We are an inclusive environment and our programs are supportive, caring and creative.

We focus on individual development, while recognizing that each child is a unique individual. We are committed to fostering self-esteem, well-being and a growing need for independence.

Working closely with families is part of our philosophy. We create caring and respectful relationships that support children’s growth and development during their integral early learning stages.